Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yaw calculator

To sum up all the posts about the topic and following advice by ST member Aralo, I have written a program that some of you will find very helpful. This program is divided in two modules, the objective of the first one (product development) is to compute the yaw-independent CdA given probability distributions or general data of bike and wind speed and relative orientation. This parameter allows you to compare different iterations of a product and make a reasonable choice based on the real world conditions that the component will face. The second module is designed to help with equipment selection for a given course and bike and wind speed. It allows to import bike position and speed data obtained from GPS tracking or any other source and compare the average power consumption needed for each setup.

The program can be downloaded from the following link. I have enclosed some data samples in the file to show the data structure that the program handles.

Don't forget to run MCRInstaller before running the app. Have fun and please report any bugs



  1. Missing the MATLAB compiler runtime (mclmcrrt710.dll). Should be located in toolbox/compiler/runtime somehwere. Though, it's a pretty big file to host (~150MB). I've found one here:

    I haven't checked out the tool itself. I'd love to check out the source. If you don't want it all open source, consider bitbucket which would allow sharing it privately.

  2. Ooops, I completely forgot to include the MCRInstaller.

    I don't mind sharing the code but I should clean it a little bit before. In any case, the programming part is very simple. It would be more interesting to explain the calculation procedure. I will write a post about the topic if enough people is interested.