Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yaw calculator v.1.1

A new version of the yaw calculator is available. Nothing revolutionary, some statistical outputs have been added and now there is a proper Readme file with a clear explanation of the calculation procedure and the signs convention. The next version will bring some interesting updates in the equipment selection module. This is the full list of updates:

- The calculation of statistical parameters (Mean, Unbiased standard deviation, Kurtosis and Skewness) of the yaw probability distributions has been added
- The plot of the cumulative distribution functions (CDF) of the module of yaw has been added. This plot can be useful for symmetrical components (wheels,handlebars,etc).
- Normal distribution fitting capability has been removed
- Reports output has been modified
- Plot saving capability of the CDF of yaw module has been added

It can be downloaded from the following link

As always, don't forget to run MCRInstaller before running the app


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